Relocation Consultants

Take advantage of the benefits of working with Century 21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants

Century21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants assist new and existing employees in meeting the challenges of relocating to a new living place. These options are highly beneficial to employees that are unfamiliar with the new location and its surroundings.

A Century21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants is available to support all phases of relocation, from moving to travel, and to ease the discomfort that often occurs during the relocation process. Relocation consulting is a popular choice when employers have the capital that is necessary to support relocation for the desired employees.

Consider the following when working with employee relocation consultants:

  1. Relocation consultancy involves moving one or more employees to new locations, including furniture storage and vehicle transfers.
  2. Employee relocation consultancy is an essential component of any organization seeking an improvement in its bottom line through expansion.

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Did you know that...?

  • 56% of all expatriate managers prematurely terminate their international assignments?
    • …the number one reason that expatriate assignments fail is their family’s inability to adjust?
    • …the implementation of comprehensive relocation programs can lower the average assignment failure rate to less than 2%?

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Why do relocating professionals and their families need relocation assistance services?

  • To minimize the stress associated with: moving, finding a new home, organizing local transportation, schooling and government paperwork… etc.
  • To reduce unnecessary expenses that arises when one is unfamiliar with a Island Overpriced temporary accommodations, vehicle rentals, restaurants… etc.
  • To ensure that you and your family start off with the guidance and support you need to successfully relocate to Turks and Caicos Islands

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Why should corporations and organizations invest in relocation services?

  • To recruit the best and most qualified professionals.
  • To motivate candidates to relocate to Turks and Caicos.
  • To minimize lost productivity time of employees due to relocation issues.
  • To prevent assignment failure and early return of the employee by ensuring that relocating employees and their families get the support they need.
  • To reduce temporary living expenses.
  • To decrease corporate administrative work associated with relocation.

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Why Choose Century21 Relocation Consultants?

  • For our commitment to excellence in relocation assistance services.
  • For our dedication to relocating professionals and their families.
  • For our experience with senior executives and professionals from all over the planet.
  • For our multidisciplinary team of professionals: Our relocation agents work in collaboration with professionals such as island guides, real estate agents, rental agents, interpreters, counselors, etc.
  • For our cost effectiveness: We help minimize the risks and costs associated with employee relocation.
  • For one-stop services for all your relocation needs.
Century 21 Erishar Properties specializes in relocating professionals and their families to Turks and Caicos Island. We also offer a full range of services to support companies who are planning to open a Turks and Caicos office.

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Relocating professionals and their families:

  • International assignment preparation
  • Personalized information package including: Century 21 Relocation Guide, Moving to Turks and Caicos Magazine, maps, street finder, Smart Shopping Providenciales and other guide books as needed
  • Pre-departure and repatriation counseling
  • Exploratory tour of island
  • Information on how to organize move
  • Temporary accommodations
  • Home rental / purchase
  • School selection and registration
  • Community familiarization
  • Assistance with government documents
  • Social / cultural integration
  • Partner career counseling
Family support and 24 hour help-line

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Relocating corporations and organizations:

  • Relocation policy development
  • Exploratory tour for prospective employees
  • Relocation assistance of strategic personnel
  • Executive relocation and concierge services for Senior Management
  • Facilitation and assistance with the set-up/move of your organization to Turks and Caicos: Legal, Fiscal, Human Resource, Government Incentives, etc.
  • Complete program/package descriptions available upon request.

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About Century 21

  • Century 21 Erishar Properties Real Estate Company specializing in Relocation provides a full range of personalized services for welcoming, guiding, and integrating professionals and organizations relocating to Turks and Caicos.
  • Century 21 Erishar helps ensure that relocating professionals are fully productive upon arrival by organizing all stages of relocation: exploratory visit, pre-departure, in-transit, arrival, integration, and repatriation.
  • Century 21 Erishar helps corporations and organizations settle into the Turks and Caicos Islands area with ease.

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HR Professionals

We know that being responsible for your company's relocations and temporary assignments can be a challenge. You're faced with cost considerations as well as ensuring your employee's satisfaction and productivity. Century21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants is here to help. Our broad range of rental relocation services is geared to service you, the Human Resources Professional. If your policy dictates corporate assisted moves or lump sum transfers, Century21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants has a program designed to fit your needs. Whether you're moving 2 people or 200, you can coordinate it all through one point of contact with your Century21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants representative.
  • Century21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants can support moves of single individuals or hundreds of employees
  • A wide range of billing options to suit almost any policy
  • Single point of contact and personalized service by one of our trained counselors

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Project Managers

Being responsible for the overall success of your project is a big responsibility. It means having your teams on site, on time and productive. You're faced with cost considerations as well as ensuring the satisfaction of your team members. Century21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants is here to help. Century21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultants broad range of services can help you with finding the right place for your team. Whether that's 2 people or 200. And whether they need a place for 2 nights or 2 years. We cover virtually the entire country with an inventory of hotels, extended stay properties, corporate housing and apartments. All at great rates. We can also help with car rentals, furniture for apartments and offices, utility connections and more.

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Corporate Management Services

Century 21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultant will manage all the complexities surrounding the renting or purchasing of property, including the expenditure management of all costs, for both long and short term relocation assignments for individuals or groups. This means the client company only has to deal with Century 21 Erishar Properties Relocation Consultant who will monitor and collate costs and co-ordinate all suppliers and services relating to repatriation, and issue only one invoice per relocate to cover the whole relocation process

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